50x39cm DIY Needlework Moonlight Mangnolia Home Decor Cross Stitch Kit


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50x39cm DIY Needlework Mangnolia Flower Cross Stitch Kit

The background of 3D cross-stitch has been all printed on embroidered cloth, you just only need to stitch a small amount of the embroider, which is part of the precision printed cloth. This kind of 3D cross-stitch not only greatly shorten the time to embroider, but also looks more vivid and stereo. This is the reason why it is called 3D cross-stitch.

Material: Cotton
Cloth Size: 50x39cm
Number of Grids: 190Wx140H
Cross Stitch Fabric CT number: 11CT

Not need to draw grids
Adopt accurate printing cotton cloth
Natural ecologic cotton, good quality of the embroidery
Soft and bright color cotton threads, no fading, not easy to become fuzzing or broken
The metallic needles are durable and easy for you to thread.

Package include:
1 X Embroidered Cloth
2 X HD Colorful Graph
2 X Needles
16 X Bundle of Cotton Threads