15Pcs Snap Fasteners Popper Press Stud Sewing Leather Button


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Snap Fasteners Popper Press Stud Sewing Leather Button

These buttons are widely used.It's beautiful color and pattern will be a great decoration of you clothes.
It's used
for leather craft , clothing ,handbags, leather straps, DIY craft etc.
High quality and nice choice.

Color: Silver,Brass,Gunmetal Black,Golden
Size: 10mm,12mm,15mm,17mm

Package included:
15 x Snap Fasteners


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Size 10.0mm Color Brass, Size 10.0mm Color Gun Black, Size 10.0mm Color Silver, Size 12.0mm Color Brass, Size 12.0mm Color Gold, Size 12.0mm Color Gun Black, Size 12.0mm Color Silver, Size 15.0mm Color Brass, Size 15.0mm Color Gold, Size 15.0mm Color Gun Black, Size 17mm Color Brass, Size 17mm Color Gold, Size 17mm Color Gun Black, Size 17mm Color Sliver